With a little organization, your move can go much smoother!

Here are some tips to help get you organized and ready!

• Go through each room and sort and purge your belongings.


Why move belongings you no longer need or want, adding extra weight, money and time? Get rid of what you won’t need and sort out what you’ll move. You save a ton of time later—money too!


• Label if you’re doing the packing and separate out your valuables.


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Put your jewelry and other valuables in a separate container(s) and transport them personally if at all possible. As you pack the rest of your household into boxes or crates, be sure to label the outside so you’ll know where to start when you arrive at your new location.

Make sure you mark your fragile items in a noticeable way so they can be set aside for special handling.


• Separate your medications, personal items and other things you can’t do without.


Don’t let important personal items get loaded onto the truck or lost in the shuffle. Keep them close at hand where you can find them when you need them.


• Empty the drawers of all your dressers, nightstands, end tables and armoires for safer, easier transport.


• Don’t let small loose items stay loose! Put throw pillows and other small items into boxes and label them!


• Get your certificate of insurance if your housing development or apartment complex requires you to have one prior to pick-up or delivery. Please make sure you submit the requirements 72 hours prior to your move.


• Make sure to remove any items that have explosives, flammable gases or anything toxic 24 hours prior to your move.


• If you’re not purchasing packing supplies (boxes, tapes, etc.), don’t worry, we’ll have them on the trucks.


• We’re not allowed to transport live plants or anything in trash bags.


• Dispatch will reach out to you the day prior to your move to confirm the time your movers will reach you and answer any questions you have.